Ivy Schamis

Teacher and Advocate for Holocaust Education and Gun Violence
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland FL

Ivy Schamis is a teacher Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the scene of the tragic shooting in 2018. Ivy has been teaching at Stoneman for the past 19 years. It was Ivy’s 4th period Holocaust class that was ambushed by a former MSD student on Valentine’s Day — February 14, 2018 — where 2 of Ivy’s amazing students, Nicholas Dworet and Helena Ramsay were murdered inside the classroom.

Ivy created the high school’s Holocaust studies program six years ago to serve as a year-long academic elective for juniors and seniors. The Holocaust studies program has served over 1,000 students so far, as it has become a very popular course with a diverse student population. In addition, she teaches the high school’s history semester, and as a language arts teacher, she runs the literature semester as well.

Ivy has become an activist for Holocaust education and gun violence prevention. She has won several teaching recognition awards including: the Broward Holocaust Teacher of the Year Award, Marjory Stoneman Douglas Teacher of the Year Award, The Spirit of Anne Frank Award, The Brady Bear Award for Activism and the Inaugural Educator Stronger Than Hate Award from the USC Shoah Foundation. 

Ivy grew up in North Miami Beach and received her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees from Florida International University in Miami. She spent a semester abroad at Tel Aviv University. She is married to Jeffrey Schamis. She and Jeffrey raised their children in Parkland, FL. 

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