Never Is Now is one vital day in the year-round struggle to fight all forms of anti-Semitism and hate.  Whether you were able to attend the 2019 Summit or not, ADL wants to equip you with the tools, the knowledge, and the resources to stand up, speak out, and show strength in your communities.  

Below is a data bank of additional resources about what is happening with the rise of anti-Semitism, how ADL is combating it and how you can get involved in fighting hate for good.



Domestic Anti-Semitism

Global Anti-Semitism

  • Global 100 ADL survey of attitudes towards Jews in 100+ countries
  • Hate Beyond BordersADL report on the internationalization of white supremacy

Resources for Educators & College Students

Resources for Educators

  • Hate/Uncycledtools for college and university administrators and campus law enforcement to combat bias and hate
  • ADL Resources on Anti-Bias Learningan overview of ADL resources for educators, parents and families
  • Echoes & ReflectionsADL Holocaust education program with resources for middle and high school teachers
  • Discussing Anti-SemitismDiscussion guides for educators and young adults, written in the wake of the Tree of Life attack, about how to hold conversations about anti-Semitism

College Students

The Iran Threat


Online Hate

  • Backspace Hatepetition to support victims of online attacks by pushing for more effective legislation fighting online harassment
  • Online Hate Indexa report on the first phase of an ADL project to use artificial intelligence to uncover trends in hate speech in online platforms (joint initiative with UC Berkeley’s D-Lab)
  • Cyber-Safety Action Guidehow to fight hate by reporting cyberbullying, hate speech and harassment to major tech platforms.

Get More Involved with ADL

Legislation & Advocacy on Fighting Hate and Discrimination

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